The Improved Whig Party of today

The original American Whig party was founded by individuals united in their antagonism to Jackson’s war on the Second Bank of the United States, his high-handed measures in waging that war and ignoring Supreme Court decisions, the Constitution, and Indian rights embodied in federal treaties


The Whig party had “conservative” and “liberal” principles. Whigs portrayed themselves as being the party of order and stability. They sought to protect property, uphold the status quo, and maintain America’s culture

The Whigs also idealized the “self-made man,” who starts “from a humble origin, and from small beginnings rise[s] gradually in the world, as a result of merit and industry.” Finally, the Whigs viewed technology and factory enterprise as forces for increasing national wealth and improving living conditions.

Daniel Webster Image

Due to mainly the issue of slavery; Northern Whigs founded the Republican Party. The Whigs were dissolved because of the great issue which did allot more than just break the Whig Party; it divided the whole country over these issues.

Today the Whig party has taken some of the old and developed into the Modern Whigs. What Modern Whigs do not do is to tell Americans what to believe. This very “Un-party” concept troubles many who meet us for the first time, as most of today’s political parties make you “buy in” to their belief set. Your civic mindedness and personal ethics are of paramount concern as they should be to all our fellow citizens’ at the most fundamental level. Civic ethics combined with self discovery fosters true open minded dialogue and critical thinking even among citizens that have historically been at odds.

The Modern Whigs are a pragmatic, common sense, centrist-oriented party where rational solutions trump ideology and integrity trumps impunity. Modern Whigs try to practice independent critical thought. We sprang up as a reaction to ill conceived public policy that did not represent the will of the People. Today, we witness policy debates based on ideology, not on concrete solutions. Critical thinking means challenging all assumptions, and mapping and analyzing all possible solutions based on facts and potential outcomes, not on party ideology. Whigs are also keenly aware that much of what constitutes political debate today are people “parroting” others’ opinions without reliance on facts or their own self discovery.

Modern Whigs come from a place of discovery. We assume that the best solutions are still waiting to be discovered by an empowered and engaged electorate, and that the current two party system is an impediment to our progress as a Nation. An undivided electorate who can approach issues with an open mind, without prior prejudice, is what our Nation needs to forge bold new solutions built on firm common ground. We believe in American ingenuity!


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