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Are some Political Parties acting like Cults?

Government of the people
Government of the people

Many voters are becoming disenfranchised with the major political parties. The overwhelming crush of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is one sign of the peoples mistrust with the status quo. There are still many that blindly follow the two parties and refuse to open their eyes and see that many of the elected officials are not representing the people they are sworn to act on behalf of. It is almost like cult followers blindly following who they are told to. It has been said that the way of a cult is one of blurred vision and mistaken choice and the foolishness of following wrong leads or trying wrong paths has to be paid for. And America is paying for it today.

The cultist takes pleasure in complicating simple truths or in concealing important ones. Much like the laws written by our politician’s don’t you think?  Educated people have been suspicious of cult societies in the past and they have had reason to be. I’m just wondering when educated people will become suspicious of parties.

How much farther can foolishness go towards insanity when career politicians openly admit they don’t take the time to read all the bills and yet are able to sustain the support of millions? I’ve never been able to understand how anyone could blindly follow cult leaders like Jim Jones, David Koresh, etc. But the faithful following of the two major parties brings one to the realization that the power of suggestion is not properly acknowledged.

The only successes the two major parties can lay claim to are bankrupting our nation, dividing us as a people and creating a propaganda machine which has developed an cult like following that is to blind to see their mismanagement of our nation. There will be a time when the people will open their eyes and minds and see that the career politician is harming this nation. By saying that the running of the government is too complicated for the people to understand is nothing but smoke and mirrors to cloud the facts. When the government becomes so massive that it cannot control its excessive spending and uncontrolled abuse by its leaders, the people of the nation suffer. We cannot depend on any government with self-serving career politicians to be open and honest with the people they are representing.

When was the last time your elected official at any level publicly put out any issues before they voted on them? When did they solicit your views and publish the opinion of the people they represent? With today’s electronic access to social media and the ability to poll the people securely, have any of your officials do so? It is a simple task for any elected official to have their constituents register for access to their polls and offer their opinion. Then see if they truly follow what our founding fathers envisioned for the elected. Truly the government has become such an all controlling invasive tyrant that the freedoms protected under the Constitution are disappearing. When the simple becomes so convoluted and distorted that even most educated people are overwhelmed the Constitution becomes but a suggestion. Our elected officials disregard the laws and rules and do not fear retribution for their indiscretions. Many feel they are above the laws of the common people.

Remember that a Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth, but when the people become nothing more than the batteries for the matrix, they will be nothing more than the serf to the overlords and ruling party.


What happend in Virginia an eye opener for Americans

Government of the people
Government of the people

Looking at what happened in the Virginia primary, it was not due to the Tea party. Many people are getting sick and tired of the status quo of both parties. Seeing how the partisan politics is causing the discord in our nation. Politicians do not really care about the people they are suppose to be representing but their own agendas. It is never about their status but the people of the nation. Many politicians are now looking at their standing because the “shoe in” flopped. Both the Democrats and Republicans are now looking towards the middle ground to convince the American people that they do care.

Hopefully the American people will take off their blinders and see that when any politician owes their loyalty to a party instead of the people they need to be replaced. There comes a time when we need to look deeply at the workings of our government instead if following blindly. Remember that in the United States of America it is the people that control their destiny not the Government unless we allow them to control us. Rise up and say ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” if you allow your elected officials at any level to dictate to the people we all lose freedoms our forefathers fought and died to defend. Remember we were a government “of the people and for the people” I do not see this as being true today as our government controls almost everything we do. They can tell us what to eat and drink. What we can wear and how we can make a living on your own property. Even to the extent of what color you can paint your house, if you can have a fence, where you can park your car or RV on your own land and how or who you care to live within your own home.

Please look with an open mind and eyes, open to the truth not what others tell you.