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Political Parties

Look at both party’s fighting and the mistrust most people have with the leadership of both parties. Do they support you or tell you how to think?

Whig Party of Georgia

It should not be about parties but honesty. It is without question any person wanting to register to vote should have to prove they are an American Citizen first and that they are eligible to vote. This is about ethical non-partisan politics. There should never any party registration but as an American each person votes for the person not the party.  It is truly not the party one should vote for the person we feel is the best person for the job. If a party wants to have a primary it should pay for it. Please show me where in the U.S. Constitution there is anything about political parties and primaries. There is not.  The Constitution says nothing about political parties. There is no mention of the two parties ( democrat and republican) system we all know or any requirement for any party affiliation.

In practical terms political parties in…

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